A (Brief) Case Against Purgatorial Universalism

A growing number of theologians argue that Hell should be understood as a place of cleansing rather than as a place of damnation or annihilation. They insist that God's judgement and wrath are the mechanisms of universal reconciliation—the instruments of God's love. This view should be rejected for a few primary reasons. Purification or Destruction? … Continue reading A (Brief) Case Against Purgatorial Universalism

Prophecy on the Mount part II

The Prophetic Narrative of Israel's Scriptures In my last post I argued that the Sermon on the Mount presupposes a certain apocalyptic and prophetic biblical narrative. The Sermon is not foremost a work of ethical reasoning. It is foremost a prophetic announcement of coming judgement and vindication. We can find this prophetic narrative elsewhere throughout … Continue reading Prophecy on the Mount part II